Club management
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We specialize in developing team models and their implementation at any soccer club, academy, or soccer school, both at a developing phase and high performance phase (professional clubs). The implementation of the model includes different possibilities: training of trainers online or on site; explanation of the game model; training seminars for club coaches; camps for players; direction, coordination, and supervision of the project; monitoring of the implementation of the team model at short, medium, and long-term.
Individual & Team Camps
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Experience in organizing international camps at soccer clubs, academies, universities, and generally any sports organization intending to develop our soccer team model anywhere in the world.
International Youth Soccer Clubs Exchange Program
We also have experience in the organization and the logistics of Exchange Programs between youth soccer clubs in which the objective is to learn and appreciate each other’s culture. Children from both the USA and Spain will live with exchange families, learn their culture, practice their language, and experience soccer in both countries through specialized and fun coaching sessions with local professionals.
Coach Seminars & Workshops
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From the experience of over 15 years as teachers at every level of formal qualifications in Spain (Monitor, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3), we feel the need to continue to share knowledge and experience, transmitting a reflective and professional look of soccer.
Our point is to help in the training of coaches from the excellence with an innovative and quality view, through Conferences & Clinics with the following contents:
  • Design and Implementation of Team Model
  • Design of Drills (general)
  • Management Training
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